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Brief Description I have been blessed with natural abilities. Psychic, medium, clairvoyance, dream interpretation, counseling....

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I have worked for well known Psychic lines. I have also worked for these companies as well Dancing Spirits and Farrington House as Spiritual counselors.

My Expert Service
I BELIEVE THAT NOTHING HAPPENS BY MISTAKE SO THERE IS A PURPOSE THAT YOU WERE DIRECTED TO MY SITE! LET ME HELP YOU TO SEE WHAT THAT IS AND WHAT MESSAGES ARE WAITING FOR YOU I specialize in Cartomancy, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Intuiutive, Numerology, Tarot, Wicca. I have always been a true, ethical psychic. My name is Rusdie and I am a gifted psychic reader and adviser. I first discovered my abilities at the young childhood age of 3 to be precise. I have been psychic and intuitive since childhood, and am able to give truthful, honest, clear, and concise readings. I am the real deal, but don't mistake me for other psychics. I will tell you the TRUE outcome, not simply pick up on what you want to happen. If you have questions, need advice or just curiosity floating thru your life, call me and I can help. I specialize in love and relationships, finances, health, career, or family/friends, or wondering about what the future will bring? I can help you in all walks of life as well. I am a guided psychic and clairvoyant and am here to help you. I use tarot cards (Rider-Waite Deck and Regular Playing Cards known as Cartomancy) to help me enhance my visions and my ability to help you. I will be fully honest in my readings and will tell you like I see it. Remember many psychics drive off a claim of accuracy, but in reality no one is always 100% accurate due to the natural laws of God. I will however put out 110% effort to tell you the full truth of your situation and how to handle it. You are in control of your destiny, only if you know what direction it is taking you. I will ask you a few questions, but only what I need to pick up on your energies. I will be as specific and detailed as possible, but details can sometimes vary on your focus or location. You will get real advice from a real person. I am here to help you and guide you, but you must first be willing to be help. My advice will be honest and true. I am a sincere and positive reader who ALWAYS looks on the up side. There isn't a situation I can't guide you thru. Get the TRUTH and the ANSWERS you've needed. You deserve nothing less than the truth to your concerns and questions. You deserve an ACCURATE and HONEST reading. I have helped many people realize the answers they need. Maybe there is something bugging you that you want clarity on, maybe you just want an overall or general reading? I will answer ALL of your questions and concerns to the best of my ability, and will tell you exactly what I see and feel. When you call, you may want to keep a pen and paper handy as I talk quickly so you will get the most,"bang for your buck".

Experience & Qualifications
I worked for those lines and I will provide your answers for less. Relationships, finances, legal issues, marriage? I have always had repeat callers calling me back because of my specialized areas of expertise and uncanny accuracy.

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